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Dickinson Baseball Home

July Cash Raffle

Date Winner Amount Date Winner Amount
July 1st Darla Kuntz $100.00 July 17th Lisa Paitz $50.00
July 2nd Cindy Martin $50.00 July 18th Amya Willer $100.00
July 3rd Dana Opp $50.00 July 19th
July 4th Kelsie Maher $400.00 July 20th Darla Kuntz $75.00
July 5th July 21st yolanda Crespo $50.00
July 6th Doug Jilek $75.00 July 22nd Alan Stieg $100.00
July 7th Laurie Heath $50.00 July 23rd Jim Privratsky $50.00
July 8th Shawn Branner $100.00 July 24th Luane Tormaschy $50.00
July 9th Jessica Richard $50.00 July 25th Bonnie Gabel $100.00
July 10th Dan Herold $50.00 July 26th
July 11th Sherri Anderson $100.00 July 27th Allegra Dahl $75.00
July 12th July 28th Michaela Knight $50.00
July 13th Natalie Wandler $75.00 July 29th Kim Takle $100.00
July 14th Allegra Dahl $50.00 July 30th Sara Frank $50.00
July 15th Lonnie Kern $100.00 July 31st Mckenna Weiler $50.00
July 16th Ione Weiler $50.00

2020 Travel Update


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